Landscaping can increase the value of your home while making your surroundings more attractive and enjoyable. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home and an expression of you. At Zion Landscaping Inc., we’ll work together with you to create a natural outdoor environment that will suit your needs and preserve the integrity of your property. We help make your vision a reality.

Landscape Design

Exterior spaces should be the expression of your architecture and living style. Space is considered a successful design if the interior and exterior flow with comfort. The key to designing a landscape environment is optimizing that exterior space with function, style, and class. This is accomplished with the use of unique materials that create a sense of originality in the environment.

Landscape Installations

Our award-winning installations give you the assurance that they will last for years. We guarantee utilizing the finest workmanship and materials in all our installations.
  • Back Yard, Patio - B.B.Q / Fire Pit / Fire Place / Fountain / Patio Cover / Recreation Center
  • Pond / Pool / Putting Green
  • Fence / Gate / Wall
  • Concrete paving / Paving Stone / Stone Paving
  • Front Yard / Drive Way
  • Planter

Landscape Maintenance

Zion Landscaping Inc. provides landscape enhancement services to upgrade, enhance and repair existing landscape and irrigation systems, installation of new landscape and irrigation systems, seasonal flower design & planting, tree management and plant healthcare.

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