About us

We pride ourselves in superior workmanship, excellent customer service, and an endless commitment to detail. Our mission is to provide industry-leading customer satisfaction and quality service. To accomplish this mission, we base our company on the following principles:

  • We cater to our clientele's discriminating tastes by offering a wide range of exceptional products and services.
  • We believe strong customer communication is one of the keys to a successful project.
  • We maintain a highly professional staff that understands and responds to customers' needs in a friendly, personal manner.
  • We create a "sense of place" - an environment in which people may entertain, play or just relax.
  • We constantly strive to have your installation completed on time and with minimal inconvenience.

Green Your Landscape

Improving the sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of our projects is a central goal of all Zion Landscaping Inc.’s installations. Even if the improvements we make have a small overall impact, we know all the small changes can lead to bigger ones.

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